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By becoming the leader that your dog desperately needs your dog can play, relax and be happy.

A One-Time Fee for a Lifetime of Help

Give your dog the gift of a true companion and leader that it believes in and
resolve their behavioral issues.

Do you want to learn how to communicate with your trusted friend in an effective way that your dog will understand?

Are you struggling to find a solution for any of these behavioral issues?

Give your dog a leader that they can trust, respect and believe in and remove the burden of leadership stress from your dog.

Behavior Issues

Pack Dynamics is Central Oregon’s premier dog training business.  You love your dog, so it is important to find a trainer and business that loves animals as much as you do.  That is who we are. Owner, Sarah-Anne, has worked with dogs that have displayed behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, self-mutilation, obsessive and destructive behavior, aggression, fear based behavior, mouthing and pulling on the leash. Sarah-Anne has a professional background in human psychology making her naturally intrigued by the way dogs interact with other dogs and humans.  Her animals are truly her children and she is passionate about helping dogs and their owners with behavioral problems.  DSC_4032You can read more about Sarah-Anne and Pack Dynamics on the About page.  Below are links to contact us and find out how we can help you and your loved animal.  We teach people how to correct inappropriate dog behavior through an effective and caring system that makes your animal feel safe and comfortable in their roll as a canine.

Sarah-Anne is a certified International Dog Listener and participates in a Quality Assurance Program. It is a strict quality control system that enables her to offer exceptional, on-going assistance to every client.